Well, hello and welcome to the new blog for The Little Homestead Farm. 

For those of you who have been customers of mine over the summer, you’ve probably been wondering what happened to the farm’s website and online store. You’re not alone, I’ve been wondering the same thing.

Here’s what’s been happening over the past several days. On Wednesday, I noticed that my website was down. I figured it was due to some finantial problems that I had just straighteded out. Oh, well, no problem, the bill’s  paid, or rather it will be when the check clears, which happened on Thursday. I’ve been trying to access or at least find my website ever since then. When the site was still down on Saturday, I tried to contact my webhost and their website was down as well. Ah, I thought, here’s the problem. Either they’re doing maintenance or there’s some kind of problem on their end. Over the weekend I checked to see if their website was up, and I’d be able to get there, but when I’d long in to the help desk, the site would be down.

People have had problems like this accessing my websites and the Mulino Hamlet’s website when I’m updating files, etc., so I wasn’t too worried. It’s inconvenient, but sometimes you have to work on the website, and that’s just what happens. The host is usually very reliable and I’ve been using them for years without a problem, so I just dealt with the situation. This morning at around 2:30, I was able to log in to the help desk and sent a message to them asking what’s up with the hosting service, and by the way, where’s my website? Actually, people in the Mulino Hamlet are probably wondering where’s their website too.

In the mean time, to keep everyone informed on the farm goings on, what’s available, etc. I started up this blog on WordPress. I was going to do one over at Blogger, but I like the WordPress format for commenting, etc. better. There’s also an RSS feed for the blog, so you can subscribe and check your feeds folder to see if there is new content on the new farm blog.

Regardless of what happens with the original website, I’ll be keeping this blog and posting regular updates about goings on out here, and what’s available. Speaking of which, how I’m selling produce is changing. I currently don’t have an online store, so I’ve decided to distribute produce in a regular share arrangement. There may still be some ala carte ordering in the future for meats, and extra eggs, etc. but what I’m going to do is to take a certain number of shares for produce. I’ll be offering a $10 share box and a $20 share box. The $10 box will be at least as much produce as you’d be able to get for that ammount at the store. I’ll have each share subscriber fill out a survey so I know the types of vegetables, herbs, fruits, etc. that you like, and you’ll be able to schedule reguar deliveries of eggs in your share box.

Weekly shares will be available on a pay as you go basis, and you’ll be able to pick up your share on Sundays again if you like, or if you’re out of the delivery area. You’ll need to sign up for weekly shares, and notify me if you won’t be taking delivery ahead of time. If you like you can arrange to have delivery every other week as well if you like.

The contact email is different now too, at least until my main website is back up and running. You can email me – loiosh@molalla.net