I finally got a response from the webhost on just what happened regarding the farm website etc. Apparently some malware (malicious software) made it onto my server necessitating the shut down of my websites and the elimination of my hosting subscription, which is why the farm email address as well as my other email accounts associated with www.jrigutto.com were no longer available.

I received instructions from the hosting company to remove 3 specific files, but given the fact that the account was eliminated that isn’t possible. I’ve opened a new account with them under the same domain, which I still own, and hope to have the farm’s website back up and running in a couple of days – along with the Mulino Hamlet’s website.

In the mean time, I’m working on the subscription invitation and subscriber survey so that everyone interested in signing up for regular deliveries will be able to taylor their subscription to their preferences. You should receive your invitation and survey this evening or tomorrow morning. Thankyou everyone for your patience in this trying time.

As they say, “That which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. Hopefully this will make the farm’s business model stronger while providing the subscribers with a more stable and dependable supply of high quality, nutritious and tasty range of foods.

Thanks again for your patience –

Joanne Rigutto