Time flies when you’re having fun, or not….

It appears that the server I was using at the old hosting service was infected by malware, which was residing in the script that I installed for the farm’s online store. I was accused of installing the malware, at least that’s how I took the corespondance from the hosting services IT person. The script I installed was one provided by the hosting service using their auto installer, so I don’t know exactly what was going on. I tried to obtain a new subscription to their hosting service, which was denied. So, for the time being, at least, this blog will have to serve as the sole website for the farm, which is fine for now. I am still looking for a new hosting service for the Mulino Hamlet’s website, which is down right now as well. So if you have a hosting service you’d like to recomend I’d appreciate it.

Things are ticking right along out here, on the farming front at least. I was out picking the other day and noticed that the new pea vines have pods ready to pick on them. So, here’s the rundown on the contents of this week’s produce box.

  • Snow Peas.
  • Green beens – a selection of rattlesnake, blue lake and romano beans.
  • Cabbage – Michihili.
  • Pak Choi – these may be offered on stalks as they were last spring, the warm weather has encouraged the plants to bolt, although there may also be a head as well.
  • Mizuna – Chinese mustard greens which are great in stir fries, or as my personal fav., using them as a green in salads. Don’t use them as the only green unless you really like mustard greens.
  • Sweet Corn – Peaches and Cream white and yellow bi-color.
  • Tomatoes – a selection of large and small, tart and sweet, yellow, red, and black (maybe even a Green Zebra here and there).
  • Asian Pear – These are a small bright yellow variety.
  • Apple – This is a small Fuji cross that is crisp with a wonderful mix of tart and sweet.
  • Sweet bell peppers – some are red and some are red and green.
  • Eggs for those who have elected to receive eggs with their regular share.

Depending on how they are producing, there may be some eggplant and cucuzzi in your share as well.

Delivery on Saturday will be between 11:00am and 2:00pm

Pickup at the farm will be available on Sunday between 10:00am and 5:00pm

Also, if there are any fall/winter crops you might be interested in, let me know in the next week or so, so I have time to get the seed started in the greenhouse.

I’ll be digging potatoes over the weekend and I should have red, blue and fingerling potatoes in next week’s share.

Again, thank you for your support

Joanne Rigutto ~ The Little Homestead Farm