All sorts of things going on this week.  I’ve been trying to track down a pair of meat rabbits for breeding. I’m looking for either  New Zealand or California breeds. I wouldn’t mind having a buck from one and a doe from the other breed as I’ve heard that you can get good hybrid vigor, which will increase the feed conversion efficiency. So that’s one project thats in progress.

I’m also working on gathering materials to make a chicken plucker as well as building a killing/processing line. I’ve decided to raise some broilers, turkeys, and perhaps some pheasant and geese next year for slaughter. I plan to raise 25 broilers for our own use here, and if any of the CSA subscribers would like me to raise some birds for them, I’ll do that as well.  Spending over 1 hour processing one rooster yesterday really drove home the fact that I need to streamline the processing.  In times past, when I butchered for my own use, I just skinned the birds, but if you want a wonderful, juicy roast chicken, or pan fried chicken, you really want that skin, which takes the labor involved in processing to a whole ‘nuther level.

In the CSA shares this week you will finde a selction that may include (depending on your preferences), tomatoes, peas, Mizuna, Michihili, green beans (you may see some Dow Gauk – yard long beans), potatoes (red, blue and/or fingerling), a couple of young beets (bull’s blood – very tasty, I ate one the other day and was spitting red for a half hour 😉 ), summer squash (Genovese, patty pan, zuchinni).

Next week, if the weather remains cool, I may have Cardoons and some more kale. With the warm weather, the mature kale aquired a bit of bitterness, and of course, the Cardoons need cooler weather to get rid of their natural bitterness. I’ll be cutting a stalk and cooking it about mid week to see how they are coming.

Edit – I figured I’d add a bit to this post instead of writing a new post.

I’m going to see if I can’t get the tunnel up over the tomatoes this week. With the rain having come back at the start of the cool season, I’m going to try to keep the fruit from splitting too bad. And I need to get the temps in the ground up so that the harvest will last a lot longer. My goal this year is to be picking ripe tomatoes in the tunnels at Christmas time. If we have a mild fall like we did a couple years ago, that should be possible.

I also want to get things ready for the really cold weather. Hopefully, I’ll still be able to keep peas going through out the winter with the tunnels, as well as some of the cabbages, etc.

If I get ’em up this week I’ll post a pic.