Fall is here, but, in spite of the couple of frosty mornings, there’s still lots to eat.

I’m still harvesting summer squash, there may be tomatoes, and, joy of joys, it’s cool enough to begin harvest of cardoon.

For those of you not familiar with cardoon, it’s a vegetable that is related to artichokes, the difference being that, while the buds of the artichoke plant is eaten, the edible portion of the cardoon plant is the leaf stalk.

Cardoon is easy to prepare. The leaves are stripped from the stalk, then a vegetable pealer is used to remove the strings from the stripped stalks that have been cut into pieces small enough to fit into a soup pan. Boil in water for 20-30 minutes (until tender). The stalks can then be eaten with a dressing as you would artichokes, or you can bread, flour or dip in a batter and pan or deep fried until golden brown.

Cardoon prepared this way has a mild flavor reminiscent of artichoke hearts. But be sure to cook it in enough water, or you’ll be treated to a bitter vegetable. If you like a bit of bitterness, I do, then boil in a bit less water. A little salt in the boiling water will also help pull the bitterness out of the cardoon stalks.

Here’s what may be in your share this weekend –

  • Potato (red, blue, red fingerling, white fingerling)
  • Cardoon
  • Tomatoes (ripe and/or green)
  • Oriental mustard greens
  • Brasica greens (brussels sprout, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower)
  • eggs

I also have 4 large roosters that are still available. These roosters are 8 months old now, and are very large. They would be suitable for breeding stock, they are very tractable and good with the hens. They would also make wonderful stewing birds or for use in making stock (the meat would be great for chicken salad), and have a lot of fat on them. They are not suitable for roasting as you would with a young broiler. Slaughter is available for these roosters at no charge. The price on the roosters is $8.00 each. If you like, I can e-mail pictures of the birds so you can pick out the one you’d like.

We will also be starting emu slaughter next week. If you would like to try out some emu meat and/or oil, let me know and I’ll provide you with a sample to try. We will be slaughtering one bird next week, and will have at least 3 adult birds for sale at the end of the week.

Rabbit update: I have contacted a breeder in Portland. With a bit of luck I  may be picking up a couple of does and a buck in the next couple of weeks. Keep your fingers crossed….