Last fall I listened with interest to every winter forecast I ran across. Everyone was saying that this winter would be a weak El Nino, and that the possibility of a warm, drier than normal winter was high. From the looks of the past month, that may actually be what we have here. I figured that perhaps we were just getting the month or so of dry we often get in February or so, but I’m cautiously optimistic that spring weather is actually a full month early.

Trees are budding out, or in the case of the flowering cherry trees in Portland, they’ve already hit full bloom (in mid February fer cryin’ out loud), and daffodils and the little bush I always use to tell when March is here, are already blooming and leafing out.

The first week of February I seeded 45, 50 count plug trays (2250 plugs), with seed for lettuces, kholrabi, radishes, and other greens and greens mixes. They are all doing amazingly well. I had set up heat in the greenhouse (aka The Cube), for the first part of the month to help the seeds to germinate and then for the seedlings to become established in the plug cells. About mid February I started turning off the heat in The Cube as it was warm and sunny. I was also able to remove the class from the front of door during the daytime as the temps in the cube easily got to the low-mid 90s in the afternoon, not something these types of seedlings do well with.

A few days ago, I shut off the heat to the cube completely to begin hardening off the seedlings in preperation for moving out to the low tunnels, which will happen next week. If all goes well I’ll have greens and lettuces to deliver to CSA subscribers the first or second week of Spring.

Enrollment for the next share season, Spring/Summer, is currently open, and the season starts on the first day of spring, which this year is March 20th. If you’d like to subscribe, please send me an email to either, or and I’ll send you a New Subscriber Survey. This will give you an idea of how my CSA program works (pay as you go and customizable to your own tastes and needs) as well as giving you an idea of what I have planned for crops and availability this year.

Here is a list of what’s going in the cube right now and what you might find in the share boxes in addition to any eggs or poultry you may want –


Mesclun Mix

Frisee – endive

Parris Island – romaine

Red Romaine – romaine

Garnet Oakleaf – leaf lettuce

Bon Vivant Blend – leaf lettuce blend

Great Lakes – head lettuce

Red Sails – leaf lettuce

Black Seeded Simpson – leaf lettuce

Grand Rappids – leaf lettuce

Butter Crunch – Bib

Japanese Mixed Greens




Other Greens

Corn Salad – Mache

Arugula – Rocket Astro



Tendergreen – Spinach/Mustard (cross?)

Pak Choi


Root Vegetables


Cherry Bell


Bull’s Blood