Planted 5# of yellow onion sets Sunday and 5# of red onion sets yesterday.

Going to divide up all of the Jerusalem artichokes and divy them up between two rows. I can’t believe it, they already have roots and buds coming out.

Can’t plant ’em yet,  but I have 20# each of Norlan Red, Yukon Gold and red fingerlings to plant and I’m going down to Al’s Garden Center in Woodburn for blue taters if they have them in. Also going to check on when the Walla Walla Sweet green onion sets will be in. I planted 420 sets last year, which wasn’t nearly enough. I’m shooting for 1,000 this year. That’ll give me 1,000 WWS, and around 700-800 each of the yellow and red onions. When I cull the onions this fall I’m going to reserve 100 of each to replant for Calcots, which will be harvested in February or there abouts.

In other news, last night was a cold one, low to mid 30’s with a chance of getting below freezing, so I buttoned up the greenhouse (aka The Cube) and turned on brooder lamps, just in case. Looks like I could have gotten away without the heat, but I feel better safe than sorry. The lettuces are looking wonderful, they really like the cool weather.

Everything will be going out into the low tunnels possibly on Friday (if it ain’t rainin’ too much), but if not, then over the weekend.  Then I’ll be able to start another 45 trays in the greenhouse. Ah, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, and other goodies!