"The Cube" at night ©Joanne Rigutto

A note from Jo –

Well, the weather seems to be taking a turn for the better. About time is all I can say! With the warmer day time temps the greens, and other plants are really taking off. I wandered about taking pictures for the newsletter and blog, and was surprised to see how much the garlic has grown in the past week. Seedlings are springing out of the soil in the greenhouse, which is pushing 90° on the sunny days, but still needs a bit of heat at night. The lows look to be around 50° over the next few days, so perhaps I can leave the lights off in the greenhouse, but I’ll see.

Seed starting will shift from every 4 weeks to every 2 weeks as the weather warms. As I have extra seedlings available, I’ll be offering them all to the subscribers at $1/each 4″ pot. I can deliver them with your regular CSA order and then pick up the pots when you get the seedlings planted. If there are any flowers you’d like, let me know.

Thanks for hanging in there, without all of you the farm wouldn’t be viable.

Joanne Rigutto

The Little Homestead Farm


In this issue –

So, What’s Available This Week?

Weekly planting and seedling report

Weekly Livestock Report

Projected Activity For Next Week

Upcoming Projects and Events

So, what’s available this week?

Eggs, green garlic, fresh rosemary, fresh bay laurel, fresh sage. If you do not want any of the herbs this week, please let me know by 9:00am Saturday morning. (If you had already struck any herbs from the list when you filled out your new subscriber survey, you don’t need to send a special notice.)

Your total share will be $3.00 plus eggs at $3.00/dozen if you’ve elected to receive them. Example – If you receive a full share of herbs and normally receive 1 dozen eggs each week, your share would be $6.00 this week.

Garlic ©Joanne Rigutto

Garlic ©Joanne Rigutto

  Weekly planting and seed report –

Salad Bar! Lettuces and other greens ©Joanne Rigutto

The ground for the potatoes has been tilled for a second time, and if it’s not pouring down rain, I’ll probably be planting most if not all of the potatoes on Friday. Norland Red, Yukon Gold, Blue potato, and red fingerling potato. The dry corn I’ll be planting will go in at the same location as the potatoes, but when that goes in will be dependant on soil temps. I have Hopi Blue flour corn, Flint corn, and pop corn as well as popping sorghum. I’m particularly looking foreward to trying out the popping sorghum.

The sunchokes that were planted a month ago are poking their shoots above the ground. and the red and yellow onions are doing very well. I may have some green onions available the first week of May, I’ll see how things go. I have more yellow bulb onion sets that I’ll be planting next week for large, mid season, green onions.

Almost all of the trays in the greenhouse are sprouted. I’ll be potting up all of the seedlings to 4″ pots in two weeks in order to get them moved to low tunnels to begin hardening off, as well as freeing up the benches for new seed starting. There are a lot of extra tomatoes, eggplant, cucumber and peppers (both hot and mild) available. CSA subscribers can buy extra seedlings for $1 each in 4″ pots (you’ll need to return the pots when you’ve planted the seedlings). So let me know what, if any seedlings you’d like.

When I pot up the current crop of seedlings, I will be starting more greens, corn shoots, summer squash, herbs, more peppers and flowers. I’ll have a list of available seedlings for that batch the middle of May. These seedlings will be available for $1/each 4″ pot as well.

What was up in the greenhouse last week – Mizuna, Carbon tomato, Currant tomatoes (both red and yellow), Reisentraube tomato, Henderson’s Pink Ponderosa tomato, Purple Russian tomato, Stupice, Cherokee Purple tomato, Black Krim tomato, Carbon tomato, San Marzano tomato (roma paste type), Early Jalapeno pepper, Romanesco (head vegetable like a cross between cauliflower and broccoli in flavor), Purple Sprouting Broccoli.

What’s up new this week in the greenhouse – Vine Peach, Cucuzzi, cucumber (Armenian cucumber, pickling cucumber, slicing cucumber, Mexican sour gherkin, Jelly melon), eggplant (Twilight hybrid, Long Purple, Ping Tung, Goyo Kumba), tomatillo (purple, Purple Coban, Toma Verde), peppers/chiles (Giant Marconi, Serrano, Poblano, Numex Sunrise, Fish pepper, Kung Pao hybrid, Pretty Purple, Anaheim, Napoleon Sweet), ground cherry.

Gravenstein apple blossoms ©Joanne Rigutto

The fruit trees are in full bloom, or have just peaked and are starting to shed their flower petals here and there. Here’s hoping for a bumper crop!


Weekly Livestock Report –

The chickens are doing well, and the current layers are up to full production with the longer days, but even so, there is a high demand for their eggs, and as shares fill up, I’ll probably have to put people on a waiting list for eggs untill the new pullets beging laying in August.

Still no kids from Dusty, and Whiskers is just starting to bag up, so we’ll be kidding out here over the next month. I am looking for 3 more doe goats. I would like to add 3 lactating Nubian does to the herd. My plan is to milk them and store the milk for next year’s lambs and calves. If you know of anyone with 1-3 nice lactating Nubians for sale, please foreward their information to me. I will not be offering goat milk for sale. The goat milk will be going into storeage for next year’s young stock, and I’ll be using a little bit for experimenting in cheese making and cooking. I don’t want to get involved in the liability issues surrounding raw milk sales, and I don’t want to get into pasturizing milk for sale.

Harold went to the auction in Woodburn on Tuesday, but no calves. We’ll see what next Tuesday brings.

**Special note – If you’d like to purchase half or whole (lamb, goat or calf) or quarter (calves only), I’ll need to know within the next 3 weeks whether you’d like them slaughtered on farm or at Canby (I trust both implicitly and will have both slaughtering for me this year). The reason for this is that the animals will need to be slaughtered in the fall and given the demand for their services at that time of year, it’s always best to book a slaughter time as far in advance as possible in order to ensure that you will not have to purchase extra feed to maintain the animals while you wait to have them slaughtered. Both the slaughter house and the mobile slaughter offer cut/wrap services (if you don’t want to do your own).


Projected Activity For Next Week –

Weather permitting, I’ll be prepping for and planting carrots, beets, radishes (round and Daikon), as well as planting the Mizuna, Romanesco, and Purple Flowering broccoli.

Upcoming Projects and Events –

Sunday is pick up day for CSA share subscribers in Portland and the immediate area. I’ll be at dad’s from 11:00am – 2:00pm. There will also be a work party going on for the people in the area who are helping to garden this city lot.

We’ll be weeding, rototilling, and planting radishes, carrots, and maybe some Daikon as well.

See y’all Saturday and Sunday!

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