Well, finally Divas little doeling will have some playmates. Dusty had her kids yesterday afternoon, one doeling and one buckling (doelings are female, bucklings are male). The buckling is the larger of the two, and while he definately got plenty of colostrum, the little doeling seemed to have a bit of difficulty figuring out were the buffet is, so I milked some colostrum and fed it to her with a bottle. I’m reasonably sure that she got plenty and was able to freeze almost half a cup. When Whiskers kids, I’ll milk some colostrum from her too. Whiskers is baggin up (her udder is filling and growing larger in preperation to kidding). She should kid sometime in the next 30 days or so. Does begin baggin up about a month prior to kidding.

Dusty kidded in the run in shed, on hay and as they did when Diva kidded, the rest of the goats stayed far away from her untill the kids were up and nursing. It’s as if they know that she needs some privacy and they’re respectful of that. Interestingly enough, when I go up to the fence to check on mom and the kids, or to take pictures, the herd won’t even come up to me, they stay out in the pens. Normally the whole herd will run up when they see someone approach the fence, but not when someones kidding. They’ll watch, but  they won’t come up, and for my part, I don’t encourage them to come up.

Once Dusty and her kids were up and the kids were a couple hours old, then Diva came up and said ‘Hi’, at which time her irrascible doeling, who’s name I haven’t picked yet, just had to see the newbies, and she was in and out for a couple of hours.

In the late afternoon/early evening I brought Dusty out and put her in the kidding stall along with her kids so that they could continue bonding and so they could get all of Dusty’s colostrum with out having to compete with Divas little tornado, and also so that I could give Dusty some grain and hay that she wouldn’t have to share with her herd mates.

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