When 'taters decide it's time to go in the ground they'll get ready whether the ground is or not....

Attack of the mutant tubers? No, just some enthusiastic seed potatoes. I bought these a month or so ago. Apparently they really liked the paper bags they were in. I’ll be preppeing the trenches for these babies today. I like to dig a trench, then put grass clippings in  the bottom, a layer of soil over that, then the ‘tater chunks, then cover with several inches of soil. I try to make the trench fairly deep so I can continue to fill as the plants grow.

2010 seed potatoes from front to back - Norland Red, Yukon Gold, Blue 20# each

Here’s a slightly less intimidating view. As the caption says, there are 60# of seed potatoes cut up and getting ready to go in the ground. In addition to these I have around 20# of red fingerlings. Last year the fingerlings (I planted white and red) were the most prolific of the potatoes I planted (Norland Red and Blue). The red and blue potatoes produced 30#-40# from about 18# of each, but the little fingerlings produced around 50# from 3# of potatoes planted. Fingerlings are little work horses as far as reproducing goes.

I could have gotten more production out of the potatoes last year, but I didn’t mound them. This year I’m making sure that I plant them in such a way that I’ll have plenty of room to mound them properly. I’m hoping to have 500#-600# of potatoes for us all to enjoy this fall/winter.