Warm weather and the air conditioning is on!

Been doing plenty of planting, I have over 300 tomato plants in (some of which actually are bearing fruit!), Yukon Gold potatoes are diggin’ size, the lettuce is still edible and the beet greens are tender.

I’ve been planting corn, some from starts and some from seed, more beans, and chickpeas. Fancy the heifer is grazing the emu pens during the day and in the day yard at night. Gizmo, the Lipizzan stallion gets the day yard during the day, except when the goats are being medicated. In the morning the goats go out on the tie lines and each one is brought into the milking area and given a ration of grain allong with a coccidiostat. The laying hens are on their annual coccidiosis treatment and deworming routine this month too. Tis the season. Due to this, there will be no eggs available untill the 31st of July.

I’m also working on getting the kids lead trained and trained to tie, and more birds are hatching in the house, birds being moved into the stage 2 brooders on the back porch, while still others are moved to the stage 3 brooders (aka the brooder shed) prior to being turned out.

Tomorrow, Friday the 9th of July is harvest day. I’ll be picking raspberries, beet greens, lettuce, kale, and Mizuna, as well as digging more potatoes. Some of the basil is almost big enough to pick, it’ll be on rotation until there’s more, so you’ll start getting some basil every other delivery.

While the peas are done for the next couple months, the beans have blooms on. I have bush beans planted as well as pole beans. It’s the bush beans (green and yellow) that are blooming right now. I’m planting more pole and bush beans so that the harvest is staggered. I’m also planting the summer and winter squash, cucumbers and gherkins as well as peanuts and chuffa (ground almond). It’s late, I know, but with the delayed summer I’m hoping for a delayed fall as well. And then too, I’ll be putting low and high tunnels over everything as well to extend the season.

Pictures coming soon. Stay cool y’all!