What’s in the shares this week – Eggs, lettuce or salad mix, Fuji cross apples, Gravenstein apples, Transparent apples, blackberries, red fingerling potatoes, cilantro.

On rotation right now – (some weeks you’ll see these other weeks you will not) summer squash, tomatoes, mustard greens, purslane, kale, mizuna, figs, green beans, yellow wax beans, basil, Yukon Gold and Blue potatoes (will be rotated with Red Fingerling potatoes for the next 2 months starting with the August 14th delivery).

No chickens this week.Starting up in August and September – Italian flat beans, Brooks prunes, green onions, new varieties of kale, possibly baby corn, celery, celeriac, new varieties of basil, ground cherries, grapes, various mustard and spinach varieties, Mexican sour gherkins (begining September or November), snow peas and pea greans (begining September or November).

Starting up in October and November – Sweet corn, baby corn, fennel, Jerusalem artichokes, leeks, kholrabi, sweet and/or hot peppers, tomatillos, quince, cauliflower, romanesco, broccoli, cabbage, Mache (a winter green), various carrot varieties, radish and daikon along with their pods and greens/stalks, various varieties of chard .

Projected start up for December, January, February, March – Winter brasica greens (brussels sprout, romanesco, broccoli), calcots (similar to leeks but grown from mature onion bulbs), green garlic (February/March),

The lambs will be coming in February or March. I will be raising a limited number of lambs in 2011. If you would like to reserve a lamb, please let me know as early as possible. I plan to raise 10 lambs, and so far I have reservations for 5, so they’re going fast. How many lambs I raise in 2011 will be entirely dependant on how many bummer lambs are available. Reservations are first come first served, and on farm slaughter is available. You do not have to put a deposit down to reserve a lamb, but you do need to let me know you’d like to reserve one for the upcoming season. You may reserve a half or whole lamb. Your total cost for a lamb will be $3.69/lb hanging weight at slaughter. 6 month old lambs should dress out between 60 and 100 lbs depending on whether it’s a ram or a ewe lamb, and the breed.