The order for onion and squash seed I place with Johnny’s Selected Seeds came yesterday – 2 packet of Zephyr summer squash, and 1/4 pound of Walla Walla Sweet onion seed.

The Zephyr squash is an unusual hybrid straight neck squash. It’s yellow with a green bottom, looks like it was dipped in a bucket of green paint. I’ve been hearing great things about this squash for a couple of years, and having eaten it, I decided it’d make an interesting and tasty addition to the crops grown here on the farm. You can see a pick and info on it here at Johnny’s website – Zephyr.

The other seed I’m excited to receive is the onion seed. This is for Walla Walla Sweet, my personal favorite, and the variety I grow for calcots. I’ll be growing these for bulb onion, green onion/scallions, as well as for the bulbs that will produce 2012’s calcot crop. There are approximately 26,000 seeds in 1/4 lb. so as long as I can get the seed to grow, we should have plenty of this type of onion this year.

Out in the East Arena Garden, I dug up all of the Jerusalem artichokes and about half of the winter garlic yesterday. Yield was 10 gallons of Jerusalem artichokes and three 8 quarts buckets of garlic. The Jerusalem artichokes would have had a higher yield, these were from 40-50 feet of row, but for the predation from the land sharks (chickens) and voles. They were the reason for the sudden and full harvest. The produce will be stored in soil filled buckets and we’ll be able to enjoy them over the next couple of months.

The garlic I dug, for regular CSA shares as well as to transplant. I’ll wash and sort the stalks over the next week, and those ready for the shares will go into cold storage in soil, and the culls (stalks with broken tops, small stalks, etc.) will go back in the ground in the tunnels to give them a little more hospitable environment and to protect them from the chickens.

The microgreens seedlings are growing in the greenhouse, albeit very slowly. I’m hoping that they will be ready for harvest in a week, but it may be two weeks for things like the radish and buckwheat. On the other hand, everything in Tunnel #1 looks VERY good. I’m inclined to think that we’ll be eating baby greens from the Mizuna, romaine, and possibly the mache in about 3 weeks. It helps that the days are getting longer, and it really helps when the sun comes out to warm the tunnels.

And speaking of warmth, or the lack there of, it looks like we’re going through a bit of a cold snap, kind of. Forecast called for 30°F last night, it’s 37° now at around 7:00am. Tonight is supposed to be 23°, but who knows if it’ll get that low. Only time will tell. Drained all the hoses last night, turns out I didn’t need to, but I’d rather do that and have it not freeze, than not drain the hose and have to pack water the next day because it froze solid (been there, done that, got the T-shirt). Later in the week now, they say it’s going to be in the upper 30’s for lows. Suits me, the little seedlings in The Cube like that action….


Previously on the Daily Quick Updates –


Hauled more hay today, 1/4 ton alfalfa mix and 1/4 ton grass hay. I’ll be picking up another 1/2 ton of grass hay tomorrow. That should have everyone set for another week or so.
Moved a set of plug trays out to The Cube – turnip greens and Lacinato kale. Moved the cabbage and mustard trays up to the top of the racks in the garage so they have a bit of light. They’ll go out to the Cube in the next few days.
The Red Russian kale I moved out to The Cube yesterday is looking good. It should be ready to go out to the tunnels on Saturday.
I should be moving the trays I seeded a few days ago out to the garage tomorrow or Saturday, and I’ll be seeding more trays in the next day or so. Watch here for updates on that.
It was a nice day out here. Mild, temps in the mid 40s. Cloudy, but as soon as the sun went down it cleared out. Would have been nice if the sky had been clear for some sun to warm up the tunnels and The Cube, instead of the fabulous star filled sky that I’m enjoying now, but that’s the way it goes….
I opened up the end of tunnel #1 today and took a peak at the crops in there. The mizuna and Paris Island Romaine are looking real good, in spite of the very cold (25°F) night time temps and cloudy days of last week. I should be harvesting out of tunnel #1 in about 3 weeks.
Got another seed shipment in today as well –
Reimer Seeds –
Carbon tomato and purple tomatillo seed.
Seed Savers Exchange –
Basil: Dark Purple Opal, Genovese, Cinnamon, Mrs. Burn’s Lemon Basil, Globe, Thai.
Other herbs – Garlic chives, Cilantro, Borage, Lemon Balm, Lemon Mint, Hyssop, Lovage, Bronze Fennel, Stevia, Triple Curled Parsley, Anise, Wormwood, Sweet Mace, Rue, Rosemary, English Lavender.