It’s been a busy month here on the farm.

I’ve built 4 new tunnels (I’m up to 7 of them now with more to come!). Kidding season is fast approaching, the first doe is about to pop. The first of the lambs is here. He’s a very nice looking ram lamb. Born on Sunday Feb. 20th, he’s eating well, very active and looks to be every bit as nice as last year’s lamb Bo. I will be offering a reservation for him to CSA members the end of March. I will also be scheduling his slaughter date in mid march. Based on the carcass weight and condition from Bo, I’ll be scheduling his slaughter at 11 months. This lamb will not be castrated.

I’m currently harvesting for existing CSA members, out of tunnel #1. Check the side box for the current harvest crops. I’m still on track to begin new CSA member pickups the first week of April. I’m planting in tunnel #2 right now and in a week or so I’ll begin planting the rest of tunnel #3. By the end of the week I’ll have seeded over 17,000 plugs of seedlings for row crops and I have 1 gallon pots of carrots, leeks, nasturtium, cardoon, artichoke, and Walla Walla Sweet onions.

I’ll have more during the week so stay tuned. As always, for daily updates about what’s going on out here, join me on Face Book.