Wowsers, where does the time go? I keep asking myself this, it’s a common refrain for me. Already it’s March and the warm weather that was but a dream in January, and even as recently as last week appears to be here. Seed starting, which was going well in January and February will increase in March and April and I’ll be shifting some of the production to the warm weather crops.

To give a run down on what’s been started as well as the volumes –

Total plugs seeded – 17,000

Crops – Extra Dwarf Pak Choy, Tatsoi, Turnip Greens, several varieties of Swiss Chard, Kales, Broccoli, Cabbages, Kales, lettuces, Chicory, Romaine, Endive.

In the 1 gallon pots I’ve seeded for the Walla Walla Green onion sets which will provide everyone with the bulb onions, leeks, nasturtium, carrots, artichokes and cardoon. All look to be doing well with the exception of the nasturtiums which got whacked by the cold snap a couple of weeks ago.

I still have 2 tunnels with no trays in them, that’ll give me room for 10,000 more plugs before I run out of room and have to start building tunnels again.

As March wears on, I’ll be shifting production over to the warm weather crops, as well as getting the big greenhouse up and more tunnels built.

New CSA members will begin picking up their shares in April and the nursery will open to the public in April as well.

Gonna be a busy year.