Oy, what a week!

Started out on Monday with some issues that prevented me from making it to the Farm-Chef Connection in Oregon City and then Thursday ended with a BANG! when I got rear ended by a semi in Milwaukie while I was on my way home from visiting my accountant.

Truck totalled –

My poor truck!

Pickup after wreck

Fortunately I have a nother little Chevy S10 (gotta love them little rigs!). Unfortunately it’s a 2WD with manual steering and I think I have a cracked rib (won’t know until I see a doctor next week). The little blue truck was 4WD  which made it possible for me to get the hay and feed down to the barn during the wet. Now with the little 2WD, I’ll have to park up at the gate, break down the bales into small chunks and haul about 1/3 bale at a time in the wheel barrow down to the barn. Ditto with the bagged feed. I’ll have to haul the poultry feed by the bucket (I’ll use the feed scoop to get the feed from the bag into the buckets) and pack those in the wheel barrow down to the barn to dum into the feed bins. The emu feed I’m already hauling to the emu compound in buckest because it’s so sloppy in Gizmo’s day yard. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to do the bear hug thing to get the feed bags to the blue shed where I’ve been storing them untill I can get in and rake the mud into windrows in the day yard. Then I’ll be down to hard pan and will be able to get through there with the wheel barrow – in a couple of months when my rib is healed up (I hope).

So, I’ve been working here since Thursday evening with a very, very sore rib. Feeding is rather unpleasant, but I’m soldiering on. The lamb finally went out to the barn permanently yesterday. I had gotten all of the seeded trays out of the greenhouse earlier in the week, but I’m not sure how I’m going to water them, I may be able to use my left arm to hold up the cover boards (the boards the tunnel plastic is nailed to which keeps the wind from blowing it off the tunnel bows) and water with my right. The bad rib is on the left side and holding something up doing an arm curl is easy, but if I have to lift the arm with weight, well, that’s when I say the big “OUCH!”.

I’m currently unable to harvest in the tunnels, but I’m hoping I’ll be back to harvesting and planting by the end of next week. I currently have around 80 of the 72 count plug trays that really need to be planted, and I really need the trays so that I can start new seed, I also need to build several more tunnels so that I can move more trays through The Cube.

And speaking of moving trays through The Cube, I was able to seed more trays last night. I’ve gone to buying my soils by the yard from Philips Soil Products in Canby, OR. One yard should fill 300 of the 72 count plug trays, which will significantly lower my overhead for materials. It also means that I’m ‘unleashed’ as far as seeding trays and the 4″ pots. It’s so nice to have that big bin of soil mix set up right next to The Cube.

Last night I was able to seed the first of the warm weather crops – Tomatoes, greens and herbs. Here’s a list of what got seeded last night:

Herbs in 72 count trays – Spearmint, Borage, Lemon Balm, Lemon Mint, Lovage, Tripple Curled Parsley, Sweet Mace, Rue, Rosemary, Cilantro.

Greens in 72 count trays – Pepper Cress in 7 trays.

Tomatoes in 50 count trays – Henderson’s Crimson Cushion, Carbon, Black Prince, Black Krim, Wapsipinicon Peach, Cherokee Purple, Purple Russian, Mortgage Lifter, Mexico Midget, Gold Nugget, Reisentrabe, Chocolate Cherry, San Marzano, Djena Lee’s Golden Girl, Anas Noire

Tomatoes in 72 count trays – Roma

Until next week!