Got lots done yesterday. Seeded many trays with cool weather crops – snow peas (golden sweet, mammoth melting sugar, dwarf gray sugar), kale, chard, kohlrabi, spinach mustard ( a cross between the two and melt in your mouth tender greens), tete noire cabbage (can’t wait to try a head of that), tatsoi or mizuna (wasn’t sure on the bottle’s label but they’re both good and I’ll know what the seed was when the plants get their first true leaves), collards, red romaine and butter lettuce.

Total plug count from yesterday’s seeding is 4,128.

I’ll be seeding the last of the trays this afternoon, and moving trays out to tunnels #4 and #5 today and tomorrow, then prepping the trays for more tomato, pepper, tomatillo and eggplant seeding. That seeding should happen tomorrow and the trays moved out to tunnels #5 and #6 over the weekend (I hope Saturday).

When the trays I seeded yesterday have gernimated and the seedlings have their first true leaves, they’ll move out of the covered tunnels to a netted tunnel to finish grow out until they’re ready to be planted.