Enrollment is open for the 2012 CSA season. New members will begin receiving their shares in March. Members who sign up for the CSA program may begin reserving plants immediately (seeding for the 2012 crops has already begun).

The CSA program has changed from a pay as you go program to a prepay program. There are 4 tiers – from a 12 week plan with produce and poultry, to a 52 week plan with beef, pork, poultry and rabbit all included. Members on the annual premium plan may elect to substitute veal for the beef, depending on availability.

Links in the top right menu will open PDFs of the CSA program overview, share content schedule, and the plant catalogue. I don’t have the 2012 catalogue finished yet, but it’s not substantially different from the 2011 catalogue. As they bevcome available, I’ll be letting the members know of available plants through out the season.

Stay tunes, more details will be posted during the month of January. For frequent updates on activity at the farm, check out The Little Homestead on Facebook.