Morning high jinks. I went out to survey the tunnels and decide the priority for projects on today’s agenda and I noticed something odd when I went down through the barn. And then something else that was odd – hoof prints… And they weren’t cloven.

So I look around and sure enough Gizmo’s where he should be, Melora, Rose and Flash are where they should be. Where’s Rocky? Oh, there’s Rocky. Not where I left you. Standing there next to the rope gate to the Arena Garden, which would have been OK except he was on the wrong side.
So, grab the halter and lead that were hanging on the gate post near by, put it on him, give him lots of scratches and tell him what a good boy he is. Undo the gate, and put him back in with the herd. And of course, Melora (who’s in heat right now) comes up and asks “Can I come out too?” I don’t think so…
I don’t know how long he was out, he probably got out sometime in the middle of the night judging by the 3 piles he left in various locations, one of which had frost on it.
So everyone’s back safe and sound. No mares got out to tease the stallion (which would have been a major disaster), and I’ve got a little fencing project to add to this morning’s agenda at the top of the list….

Just goes to show you that ya gotta be flexible and fast on your feet on the farm. You also need to keep a cool head when working with livestock. This could have been a very dangerous situation, especially since Rocky was standing right next to the existing tunnels with the crops that I depend on for my income. Fortunately, during the night when he was wandering about, he stayed on the foot paths between the tunnels and didn’t try to go through any of them. And he didn’t spook while he was out or when I caught him up and undid the rope gate.

And, even though I could have lost my cool and brained him, that wouldn’t have been productive (he wouldn’t know why I was mad at him). So instead I told him what a good boy he was and gave him lots of scratches, stayed nice and calm and just did what I needed to do to get everyone secured and safe.