Got the big seed order for the fall and winter crops –

The inventory from yesterday’s seed shipment –
Arugula – Slow Bolt
Cilantro – Slow Bolt
Dill – Bouquet
Parsley – Triple Curled
Leek – Large American Flag
Cabbage – Red Acre, Savoy Perfection, Golden Acre
Pak Choi – White Stem
Collards – Morris Heading
Carrot – Danvers 126
Cauliflower – Self Blanche
Mustard – Red Giant
Lettuce – Prize Head, Ruby Red, Buttercrunch, Crisphead
Romaine – Cimmaron, Parris Island Cos
Kohlrabi – Early White Vienna, Purple Vienna
Chard – Flamingo Pink, Ruby Red, Lucullus
Kale – Lacinato, Red Russian
Endive – Broadleaf Batavian,
Parsnip – Harris Model
Radish – French Breakfast, White Icicle
Spinach – Bloomsdale Long Standing
Basil – Italian Large Leaf

Now all I gotta do is figure out where to plant all this stuff…..

Trellised 42 tomato plants. Mostly Romas. Building light stock panels for portable fencing (tutorial to come soon).

And will (hopefully), be receiving a big load of hay (5-10 ton) sometime this week. It was supposed to come in last week, but there was a problem with the field I was to get the hay from. Then there was a possibility for some other hay, but that’s still up in the air. While I’d love to have a year’s worth of hay put up, I understand that these types of challenges are all a part of the business, and I have my regular hay dealer to fall back on. Like my dad used to say “If it was easy, anyone could do it”. 😉

I’m set up with a new hatchery to receive 50 Cornish X chicks every other week. I’ll be picking up the first group (100 Cornish X plus 25 Red Rangers) mid August. By October I should be caught up with the poultry production.

The veal calves, Bucky and Kicker have been renamed to (alternatively) Spike and the other one/The Cantankerous One and the Nice Calf. They got their first tying lesson yesterday in preperation for long line training. In a month I’d like to be able to stake them out to graze in the areas where there are no fences.

Fancy the cow is still around (I haven’t called to make her appointment with the mobile slaughter yet), and she’s looking good. Hopefully I’ll be able to make that appointment sometime next week.

The corn and other crops are looking good, with more going in the ground on a daily basis. One new type of mustard I’m really looking forward to working with this year is called “Dragon’s Tongue”. Looks to be a beautiful variety and it’s supposed to have very good flavor. It’s coming from Terratorial Seed, as is some Indigo Rose tomato seed. The above order was from Mountain Valley Seed in Utah. Mountain Valley is my main seed supplier.

And speaking of seed, with all that I ordered from Mountain Valley, the two I forgot were Mizuna and Bull’s Blood beet. I’ll pick that up with next month’s “What did I forget to order in July?” order.

That’s it for the moment. More to come soon!

Until next time –