From the farm’s Facebook page –

Lots done yesterday. I was going to post last night but I was so done in that all I did was have a couple of fried egg sandwiches and crash. The house was cold but I figured I wasn’t going to be up long enough to fire up the pellet stove, and I was right. 😉

Transplanting and placement of the snow peas is well underway, with 2 trays done and 6 to go. I’ve got enough compost now that I can go ahead and direct seed into their pots. I’m using 1 gallon pots placed in direct contact with the soil so I don’t have to till (not that I could in the tunnels anyway).

I had a total of 512 band pots seeded (64/tray) and I’ve been seeing culls of only 4 pots per tray, so that’s pretty darned good. And I still have trays of cilantro, spinach, mustard, lettuce and kale seedlings to transplant.

The warm days and cool nights are having a “hurry up and wait” effect on the seedlings. I could get them to grow faster if I put the film back on the tunnels, but that would compromise the cold hardiness of the seedlings and I’d rather have them grow a little slower than have them grow fast and tender and loose them to a late frost. Same with the snow peas.

Lamb update – the lambs are doing well. Everyone is weaned and on hay and molmag which is a molasses based supplement. They’re growing well and the two oldest are getting pretty big. I have two of the five lambs spoken for, so 3 are still available. Slaughter will be in the fall – $3.99/lb hanging weight which includes the kill and cut/wrap fees. People electing to do their own cut/wrap must buy a full lamb and will receive a $0.50/lb discount.