Lots going on at the new location in Gervais. I purchased property to move the farm to so I have secured tenure. It sucks farming when you don’t know from one month or even year to the next if you’re going to be where you’re at. Up until now I haven’t been able to make any long range plans for the farm. Things like setting up the aquaponics system, big greenhouses, perenial crops such as rhubarb, a small vinyard, orchard.

But in November of last year my friend and kick ass realtor, Susan Barlow found me the perfect property in Gervais, Oregon, just a few miles south of Woodburn. If you’re looking for rural and/or farm property, Susan is the go to realtor. She really knows her stuff.

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I’ve been setting up for production down here since December 2012 and began production with my first crops going in the ground (in tunnels) at the end of December. It’s a beautiful location, surrounded by commercial agriculture and wildlife.

I have Over 2,000 square feet of tunnel growing beds (15 tunnels at 5.5′ X 25′) and plan to add another 2,000 over the summer. I’ll also be setting up the aquaponics system this year (finally!). It’ll be housed in my 16′ X 60′ greenhouse and one bay of the machine shed. The smaller greenhouse, which is 15′ X 20′ will be used for seedling production once it’s set up.

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