Category: Daily Work Schedules

A shining example of why a person needs to take care in scheduling. I didn’t manage my time as I should have over the past 2 days. I should have done part of the harvest for today’s delivery yesterday, so I wouldn’t have so much to do before heading to town for today’s CSA delivery.

But I didn’t manage my time properly and so I was late getting to the delivery point. Missed 2 CSA members and the shares were short.
This was completely my responsibility and it’s my fault alone. The shares delivered today will NOT count toward everyone’s share term.
I will do better next week. And, the tunnel that next week’s salad greens will come out of will be in fine shape too. It was almost big enough to harvest today, but I decided to let it wait until next week. As much as this week’s shares were puny, next week’s shares should make up for that and then some.

And here’s another example of why scheduling is so important.

I just did the seeding schedule for the shares each week. During the next couple of months this is what I will be seeding for as far as weekly contents – Red Giant mustard, Southern Giant Curled mustard, Mizuna, leaf and head lettuce, endive, radish for cooking greens and later, after those cooking greens have been harvested the plugs will be planted to grow out for mature braising greens as well as green pod production, Pak/Bok Choi, Tatsoi, beet greens, pea threads and those plants will be set out after the thread harvest to grow out for pod production, Curled and Upland cress, Arugula, Fenugreek.

In order to supply the current members, I need to seed/germinate/set out 199 trays (total), each week. It takes 2-3 weeks for each tray to grow out to harvest size.

It takes 1 day to clear and prep 199 trays, and another day to seed those trays. It takes about 2 hours to place the trays once they’ve germinated and the seedlings begin to emerge.

If I miss the schedule on this work, and/or miss the schedule for harvest, then things like today happen.