One thing about being injured and it pouring down raind outside – it forces me to do indoor projects that I’ve been putting off all winter.

One of those projects has been making a series of educational videos for people who’d like to learn about what I do and how I go about doing things on the farm, but for what ever reason, can’t make it out here either for an internship, a class or even to take the cook’s tour.

I played around with the video editor that the laptop came with (Windows Live Movie Maker) and put together a slide show, I also got a chanel on Youtube for the farm. Now, you can subscribe to the farm’s chanel for updates on the educational videos I’ll be putting together over the year.

Here’s the first video, a slide show of some of the winter growing here on the farm. The show covers microgreens and tunnel growing. I’ll be doing a more indepth show on tunnel building over the next couple of weeks as well as one on greenhouse building as those are the two high priority projects for that time period.