I’ve been meaning to post pics for everyone. It’s one of those things that keeps getting pushed back and back as I have other projects that are higher priority. With the workload easing up just a bit as I get caught up I was able to do up these for the blog. The pics were taken from early June to early July. I’ve more coming so stay tuned…..

Horse tent frame

The horse tent frame where the tomatoes are now and where the new greenhouse will be built. The tent was 10' X 60' and sheltered the herd for 4 years. It'll be set up in the new areana after I do some repairs and repaint the tubing.

This is the famous (or infamous, depending on which stories you may have heard about it) tent that I use as a winter shelter for the horses. It’s actually 3 tents that I had put together in one mega tent. The horses will shelter in this even in pretty high winds, especially if it’s raining, snowing, threatening to rain. It also makes a dandy shade area for them. This is where the current raised beds for lettuces and tomatoes are. The horses had been out of there for several months before I pulled the frame, and it was another month after that before the tomatoes and greens went in.

Truck and tent frame

That whole bit tent frame fit nicely into the bed of my Chevy S10 pickup, tarps and all.

As big as the tent is when it’s set up, you can see that once broken down it is nice and compact. It took me 4-5 hours to remove the tarps, break the tent down into its components load everything into the truck and then stack it all on the saw horses in the back yard where I’ll do any repairs and painting. The tent will be set up in the new arena this fall.

Hop plant

Baby hop plant in early June. This will eventually become a rampant vine if I can get the chickens and turkeys to stop eating it. The other one I planted has already bit the dust so to speak.....

Young hop plant. You’d think that as vigorous as hops can be, that there would be no problem with this little feller growing big and completely covering the fence that I plan to trellis it on. However, this little hop hadn’t met the chickens and turkeys, who apparently relish hop plants as much as brewmasters relish the hop cones for beer making. Poor thing’s been trimmed back twice and I’m going to have to add another section onto the plant protector that was keeping it safe until it had the temerity to poke it’s little shoots above the cage…..

Jerusalem Artichokes (sun chokes)

Jerusalem Artichokes AKA Sun Chokes in early June

Jerusalem Artichokes in early -mid june. They were around 4′ tall then, they’re about 7′ tall now. I have 3 times as many planted this year as last, and considering the yields, I think we’ll have plenty for everyone who wants them this winter.



The teasle crop is also robust this year. I’ll be cutting most of this for compost, but will be drying some of the seed heads for decorating. I’ll have these available this fall/winter on demand. They make nice line material in dried and silk flower arrangements, and can be painted, flocked or left natural.

Sammy Cat

Sammy Cat lounging on her favorite log in the tall grass

Sammy cat loves hanging out on her log by the pool (goldfish pond) and watch the chickens and turkeys. They’re endlessly entertaining.


JD takes a siesta in the tall grass on one of our rare hot days

JD, on the other hand, would rather just snooze…..

Cornish Cross pullet

2 1/2 month old Cornish Cross pullet

The broiler chickens range free along with the layers and turkeys.

Barred Rock pullet

Moire pattern - barred rock pullet

Here a barred rock pullet preens.